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Founded in 2019, Gypsy Capital has flourished, evolving from fleet management to diverse sector investments. With resilience, client focus, and innovative solutions, we mark our five-year milestone. Here’s to further growth and success.

At Gypsy Capital Limited, your investments are safeguarded. Our guaranteed insurance, in collaboration with trusted insurers, ensures asset protection amidst market volatility. With us, investments are not just profitable, they’re secure.

Ayo Mekuleyi

CEO & Founder
Gypsy Capital Limited
Gypsy Capital Limited
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Gypsy Capital Limited Gypsy Capital Limited

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Experience the luxury lifestyle with state of the art interior design and modern facilities...

Dredge underwater for maintenance of all kind of waters...

6-ELEVEN Rentals offers sleek cars and boats for rent at the best prices in town...

Gypsy Notes is an investment platform that offers return interest up to 13% per annum...

Exchange currencies with people all around the world in just minutes!...

We support individuals with our consumer credit product...

Tailored investment solutions
ensuring 100% client satisfaction

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To rent a car, you typically need to be of legal driving age, possess a valid national id, international passport or drivers license, and a form of payment, such as a credit card.

It is advisable you make complete payment to tick your date completely on all booking platform

Yes we can. Our dredging mission is to provide the full range of composite dredging, civil construction and marine logistics services while creating positive experiences for clients. We are committed to cultivating client relationships and ensuring a culture of quality, safety, and respect for the environment.