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About Us

5+ Years Of Experience

Gypsy Capital Limited

2018 Year of establishment

We are a visionary conglomerate investment company dedicated to helping our clients achieve their financial goals with our creative and tailored solutions. We are not just focused on short-term gains; we strive to build long-term, sustainable wealth for our clients by identifying lucrative opportunities and staying ahead of emerging trends. With a team of seasoned professionals and a commitment to excellence, we go beyond conventional strategies to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

There is a rising need for timely and smart investment opportunities in profitable ventures, especially in today’s ever-changing landscape. Many investors and businesses are on search for opportunities that will not only sort out immediate needs but have long-lasting effect on their financial progress. Fortunately, Gyspy Capital Limited was birthed to cater for this pressing need. Gypsy Capital achieves financial success for you and your business leveraging on our team of seasoned professionals, extensive industry knowledge, and tireless work to find lucrative investment opportunities and deliver exceptional results.

Gypsy Capital Limited

Our Brand Promise

Our brand promise is to empower your financial future through growth, trust, and expertise. As a dedicated conglomerate investment company, we utilize our market knowledge and ethical practices to generate attractive returns, ensuring your investments are handled with transparency and diligence.

Gypsy Capital Limited

Our Vision

Our vision is to foster vibrant businesses throughout Africa, encompassing diverse industries and embracing every aspect of life.

Gypsy Capital Limited

Our Mission

To contribute to the financial growth and stability of ambitious individuals and businesses while contributing to building a booming African economy.

our core values


We are committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and transparency in all our business dealings. Trust is the cornerstone of our relationships with clients, partners, and stakeholders.


We embrace a culture of innovation, constantly seeking new ideas and creative solutions to drive growth and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving business landscape. We encourage innovative thinking and value the entrepreneurial spirit.


Achieving excellence in everything we do is foremost on our minds. Our dedication to delivering exceptional quality and achieving outstanding results sets us apart. We set high standards and continuously improve to exceed expectations.


At Gypsy Capital, we recognize that the power of collaboration cannot be overemphasized. By fostering a collaborative environment, both internally and externally, we harness the collective expertise, talents, and resources to achieve mutual success and drive sustainable growth.

Client-centric Approach

Our clients are at the heart of our business. We are committed to understanding their unique needs, providing tailored solutions, and delivering unparalleled customer experiences. We go above and beyond to exceed their expectations.

Social Responsibilities

We recognize our responsibility to make a positive impact on society. We actively contribute to the communities we serve, practice sustainable business strategies, and champion diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities.

Our Story and Timeline

The evolution of Gypsy Capital Limited began sometimes in 2019 and was powered by the vision to capitalize on untapped opportunities within our community. Recognizing the need for an e-commerce company which distributes liquor and beverages in Nairobi, Kenya, we embraced the challenge. However, as the complexities of operating in a foreign market hindered progress, we swiftly adapted and returned to Nigeria, undeterred.

Undaunted by setbacks, we regrouped and launched Carblu, a fleet management company catering to the needs of numerous individuals and businesses. Our unwavering focus on identifying opportunities across diverse industries and providing innovative solutions led to the birth of Gypsy Capital Limited. After renaming Carblu as Six-Eleven Rentals, we expanded our investments into Finance, Automobile, Marine, Fintech, and Real Estate.

Over the years, we have earned the trust of investors and businesses who rely on our expertise to achieve their financial goals. Gypsy Consumer Credit, Gypsy Express, Metopay, Gypsy Note, Gypsy Longshore, Tricadia Realty, Tricadia Residences and Six-Eleven Rentals are solutions that stand as testaments to our commitment to seize opportunities and serve our esteemed clients. Throughout our journey, we sustained a track record of integrity, accountability and expertise, ensuring our clients’ success remains at the forefront of everything we do.